Two baskets containing balls of yarn.
Yarn and fabric arts created by master artist Gwen Handler (Carroll County) and apprentice artist Winnie Dreier (Baltimore County) during a 2021-22 Folklife Apprenticeship on wool work.

Ways to Get Involved

Public Calls: Paid Opportunities

MSAC relies on a diverse array of experts from across the state of Maryland to do the important work of evaluating applications. We invite participation through program-specific public calls for panelists. We select panelists with a focus on diversity of experiences, diversity of location, and expertise in varying artistic disciplines. Panelists must be Maryland residents.

Current Openings

There are currently no calls for panelists. See below for the schedule.


Chart listing the calls for panelists by Program, dates open & dates closed

Call for Editors: Arts in Education Grant Program

This spring, MSAC is facilitating the public-led revision of the Arts in Education (AiE) program, which funds arts education projects in Maryland’s schools and community settings. This effort is based on a need to clarify the program’s policies to provide equitable access to funds and ensure funding opportunities reach across the state of Maryland. The next step of this process is to identify a panel of editors who will work with MSAC staff to develop the policy recommendations that will improve the public service of the AiE grant program.

Consider completing an application to serve as an editor in this process. All selected editors will be expected to:

  • Become familiar with the previous policies and procedures of the AiE grant program
  • Work with MSAC staff to revise AiE policies and procedures in alignment with public need and the goals of the current MSAC strategic plan
  • Be available to participate in at least two virtual meetings (see below dates) to discuss the above issues and develop procedure and policy recommendations for further consideration by MSAC staff, council, and Department of Commerce leadership
    • Editor Meeting #1: March 7, 1-4 p.m.
    • Editor Meeting #2: March 23, 10 a.m.-1 p.m.

What we are looking for:

  • Maryland residents with backgrounds in a variety of arts administration and cultural worker roles, or who are interested in learning how changes are considered and implemented within MSAC.
  • Artists and artist organizations who are currently on the MSAC Teaching Artist Roster are highly encouraged to apply. 
  • Members of sites who have participated in previously AiE-funded projects are highly encouraged to apply. 

How to apply:

  • Click here to log in or create a free account in SmartSimple. You must be registered as an “Independent Artist” to apply to be an editor. 
  • Under Funding Opportunities, select "Public Call."
  • Select "Program Editor" from the first drop down option. 
  • Select “Arts in Education Grant” as the Grant Program from the second drop down option.
  • Click "Save Draft" at the bottom to populate the application.
  • Complete the application and click “Submit.”

Editors will receive a minimum of $400 upon completion of assigned tasks, with the possibility of additional compensation if more than two virtual meetings are needed. Internet access is required, and a Gmail account is recommended to participate.

Deadline: Sunday, February 12, 2023

For questions, contact Arts in Education Program Director, Lizzie Morales, at or (443) 794-7564.  

Maryland Art Place (MAP), in collaboration with MSAC, is seeking jurors for the 3rd Maryland State Artist Directory Triennial exhibition. 

MSAC relies on a diverse array of experts from across the state of Maryland to do the important work of evaluating applications. Collectively MSAC and MAP are seeking jurors with diverse experience from across the state, and expertise in the disciplines of the artists under review - visual/media, literary, and performing arts. Jurors must be Maryland residents. 

What does a juror do?

Selected jurors: 

  • Review and evaluate applications using the Google Drive 
  • Make selections of artwork from provided applications. 
  • Attend a final meeting with MAP staff to review selections and edit down candidates based on space limitations and gallery floor plans. MAP staff will assist in this process. Date TBD
  • Jurors receive compensation of a minimum $1,500.
  • Attend the opening reception on Thursday, May 11 from 6 to 9 p.m.

*Each juror can expect to review up to approximately 150 applications. Each application may take approximately 20 minutes to review. The average commitment of hours varies based on the total number of applications received in the jurors discipline. The majority of work happens on the jurors’ own time from March through April of 2023.

What We’re Looking For: 

  • Independent artists, directors of arts organizations, professors, curators, museum professionals
  • Individuals to represent expertise in the following disciplines: 
    • Visual Arts (two jurors needed) 
    • Performance
    • Literary Arts 
  • Individuals representing the wide geographic diversity of the state of Maryland
  • Individuals who have some flexibility and time in their schedules 

Jurors  must have access to a computer with internet connection to complete reviews.

How do I apply to be a Juror?

Submit your application via MSAC’s online grants management system, SmartSimple. 

  • Click here to log in or create a free account in SmartSimple (you will need to be registered as an Independent Artist to apply).
  • Under Funding Opportunities, select "Public Call."
  • Select "Juror" from the drop down options in the first question under “Narrative” and click "Save Draft" to populate the application.
  • Complete the application, and click “Submit.”

Deadline: Tuesday, February 28

Employment Opportunities

There are currently no openings at MSAC.