National Call for Artists & Panelists for New Public Artist Roster!

The Maryland State Arts Council has two national open calls for:

  • Artists interested in being included in the new Public Art Roster for Artwork Commissions projects. Scroll down to review the Call for Artists info below.
  • Individuals with a background in public art project management, curation, or artwork creation interested in serving as a Panelist to review applications and select Roster artists. Scroll down to review the Call for Panelists info below.

The Artwork Commissions program is the state’s percent-for-art program. Artwork Commissions are permanent, large-scale, publicly accessible artworks integrated into the construction or renovation of eligible state buildings. Commission budgets range from $50,000-$1,500,000.  The new Public Artist Roster will open in Summer 2023 and be used to select artists for upcoming commissions through 2025. 

National Call for Artists for the Public Art Roster

The new Public Artist Roster will be an inclusive and equitable process for selecting artists and the commissioning of new, original, and site responsive public art. We seek a diverse range of artists to work with Maryland state agencies, colleges and universities across the state to create public art for new or renovated state buildings. 

We invite applications from independent visual artists or artist teams living in the United States or its territories. The application requires submission of background artwork, biography, and a statement about your work. Panelists will review applications and are not scored but rather must meet 3 of the 4 eligibility criteria for an artist to be included on the Public Artist Roster:

  • Artist communicates a unique vision or perspective
  • Artist demonstrates an authentic relationship to subject matter
  • Artist shows ability to create site-responsive work engaging a site and/or community
  • Artist demonstrates command of materials and/or skill in technique

Applicants to the Public Artist Roster cannot apply to serve as a panelist.

An Informational How to Apply Webinar will be presented Thursday, April 13, 2023, 4:00-5:00 pm EDT. To register please click here. The webinar will be recorded. 

How to Apply 
Please download and review the Public Artist Roster Guidelines, click here

Apply Now!
Application Deadline: May 31, 2023 

National Call for Panelists

We invite applications from individuals with experience that includes: 

  • Artist selection & procurement for public art projects
  • Public art project planning & management
  • Artist professional development
  • Demonstrated commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion 

This opportunity is open to individuals living and working in the United States. Panelists will be selected with a focus on diversity of public art experience, diversity of location, and expertise in art for the built environment. Panelist applicants cannot apply to be included on the Public Artist Roster.

What We’re Looking For

  • 9-12 panelists 
  • Experienced Public Art Administrators and Curators, Artists, Architects, Landscape Architects, Project Managers with a background in public art/art in the built environment
  • Variety of experience in the field, and diverse geographic representation
  • Available to review applications from June 5 - Early July, 2023

What to Expect as a Panelist

  • Attending a required 2 hour virtual panelist orientation and training in late May 2023 
  • Attending panelist check-ins as needed
  • Review applications submitted by artists with a diverse range of practice and varying experience levels in public art
  • Provide thoughtful written feedback framed as constructive recommendations in alignment with the eligibility criteria
  • Panelists will be compensated for their time (min. $500 - dependent on total applications) including training, check-ins, and time spent reviewing and writing feedback.

How to Apply 
Apply Now!
Application Deadline: April 26, 2023